“Born Into a Family of Auto Mechanics” – The Dino Crescentini Story

Dino's documentary

It often happens that the greatest stories are born from taking a wrong turn.  

It was the Summer of 1972. Italy clothed itself in cheer and festivity ahead of a monthlong holiday. All roads seemingly lead to celebration. Meanwhile, the Crescentini family, having veered about a mile off the highway, chanced upon a factory moments before closing. 

“How come there’s been a 6 month back order for this one filter (an Alfa Romeo rear filter)?”

When it was revealed that the bureaucracy of Alfa Romeo couldn’t decide what to do with their parts, sparks flew and an idea was born.

“I was born into a family of auto mechanics,” said Dino Crescentini, DFC Co-founder, whose father and grandfather nurtured his passion for cars and mechanics. 

Dino relates that as a young man, the “only way” to hang out with his father was “to go to the shop.” His father was affiliated with many race car drivers from the 70’s, including the famed Ken Miles. 

Surrounded by cars, professional drivers and a family passion, Dino’s fire grew…igniting the engine of curiosity, innovation and engineering. 

Dino's documentary
Dino’s father working at the shop – 1970’s.
Dino's documentary
Dino creates his first catalog.
Dino's documentary
Dino’s father with race driver Ken Miles. 
Dino's documentary
Ken Miles, legendary race driver, working on a brake job.

Few people have done more for the aftermarket brake sector than Dino Crescentini, the Godfather of Brakes

Having been inducted to the Auto International Association (AIA) Hall of Fame in 2009, Dino was honored with the “Legends of Industry” award from the Friction Materials & Standards Institute (FMSI) in 2018. 

“I am among the few,” comments Dino, “who are fortunate enough to do what they love while getting the opportunity to work with others who have the same curiosity for parts and passion for the industry.”

In this original documentary, we bring you Dino’s story–one that began with a wrong turn and ended turning a whole industry on its head.  

Today…Dino’s vision lives on through DFC. “We continue on our mission,” he says, “and success manifests itself for ourselves and our customers.”

Dino's documentary
Like father, like son.
Dino's documentary
Still after the perfect brake job…
Dino's documentary
Putting the finishing touches…
Dino's documentary
Dino Crescentini, the “Godfather of Brakes.”

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