DFC’s 5000 Brake Kit

At DFC, we’ve simplified the confusing process of finding the right parts by developing a brake kit program designed to fit your customer’s needs.

Now you won’t lose time searching out all the necessary components, and you’ll effectively restore your vehicle’s braking system performance.

DFC offers the widest range of brake options available so you can perform the perfect brake job, regardless of budget or specifications.

What do we typically recommend? The DFC 5000 Brake Kit.

DFC 5000 Brake Kit

The DFC 5000 Brake Kit includes:

DFC 5000 ADVANCED Brake Pads – Specially formulated for each axle
on every vehicle to maintain balanced baking, critical for vehicles with ABS and automated braking.

DFC 5000 Advanced Pads

GEOSPEC Rotors – they offer original vane patterns and are machined to exact specifications. They also offer corrosion resistance and look great through open-spoke wheels.

DFC GeoSpec Brake Rotors

Some of our customers choose to go with the DFC 5000+ Brake Kit, which includes everything in the DFC 5000 Brake Kit plus our Hardware Kit, which is made of stainless steel and withstands corrosion.

DFC Hardware Kit

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