Ultimate Duty Performance
Ultimate Duty Performance

Be ready for anything and anywhere. Designed for the Ultimate Trucks and SUVs with larger wheels or tires, and modified suspension. DFC Ultimate Duty Performance Brake Pads deliver exceptional braking performance in any condition. These pads are exclusively engineered and formulated to withstand extreme heat, heavy duty operation, frequent stopping, off-roading, or towing.

Ultimate Duty Performance
High Resistance to Brake Fade
Ultimate Duty Performance

DFC Active Performance Brake Pads are manufactured using the latest friction technology and extensively tested under extreme conditions. Excellent friction stability and consistency coupled with very good modulation, threshold control, and release characteristics over high operating temperature ranges. DFC’s proprietary friction materials can operate from temperatures of –30° Fahrenheit to 1200° Fahrenheit and offers a high friction coefficient (0.40μ to 0.68μ) with high resistance to brake fade.

Ultimate Duty Performance

High Resistance to
Brake Fade

100% Post Cured and Scorched
Ultimate Duty Performance

All DFC Brake Pads are 100% post cured to ensure stable friction performance. Each pad is then scorched to remove uncured bonding agents to minimize the need for initial break‐in period and increase stopping power from the initial stop.

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Post CuredScorched

DFC Premium Rubber-Steel-Rubber Shims
Ultimate Duty Performance

Lastly, the pads assembled with DFC Premium Rubber‐Steel‐ Rubber shims for improved NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) characteristics.

Ultimate Duty Performance

DFC Premium
Rubber‐Steel‐Rubber Shims

High Performance / High Friction Formulation
Ultimate Duty Performance
  • Designed for Trucks and SUVs with bigger wheels or tires, and modified suspension. Great performance for off-roading and towing.
  • Offers high friction coefficient and low compressibility
  • Delivers unmatched braking performance, pedal response, and superb brake control
  • High resistance to brake fade at high operating temperature ranges
  • Extremely High Torque with Aggressive Initial Bite
  • Excellent Friction stability and consistency
  • Outstanding Modulation, Threshold Control, and Release Characteristics
  • DFC Ultimate Duty Performance brake pads use a high performance friction material to deliver superior braking performance under all driving conditions. This material formulation has a high friction coefficient and low compressibility, which may produce brake noise and dust on some vehicles.
Ultimate Duty Performance
OEM Technology with Noise Reduction & Performance Features
  • Chamfered and Slotted (where applicable) to reduce noise when braking
  • Scorched to remove uncured bonding agents, minimizing the need for initial break-in period and increasing stopping power from the initial stop.
  • Positive mold to promote consistent friction material density
Ultimate Duty Performance
Positive Mold
DFC Active Performance Brake Pads
Ultimate Duty Performance
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