DFC Presents: Joyride with Dino

DFC Productions Presents: Joyride with Dino

DFC Productions Presents:

Joyride With Dino

Join Co-Founder Dino Crescentini as he cruises and bruises the streets of Los Angeles in his 1973 Alfa RomeoWhere did Dino find this rare car? And why an Alfa Romeo?

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We recently caught up with Dino and asked him about his 1973 Alfa Romeo.

“The model is actually a 1300 GTA Junior.  It is an aluminum-body version of the standard steel-body GTV.  They only produced about 500 units of the GTA in order to meet homologation requirements for racing regulations.”   

What fueled your passion for this type of car?

When I was a kid, my Dad had a trust-funder mechanic working for him that had a GTA that he raced that he would actually drive to work from time to time.  My Dad usually worked late, so when I was at the shop after school, he would have Charlie take me home. 

Charlie was in his 20’s and bit of a nut.  When ever he had the GTA, he would take me home via the infamous Mulholland Drive, which was basically a 6 mile-long race track.  Those rides home in the GTA were the most thrilling rides that anyone could ever experience, especially for a 10 year old kid.  That is when I fell in love with the GTA. 

It was also at this point of my life that I learned to keep my cool.  You can imagine how I would react when my Dad asked if it was OK if Charlie could take me home!  He had no idea, and it remained a secret for years.

Where did you find this rare car?

I found this particular car in Italy at a car show back in 2015, though I have had several of them in the past. I raced a GTA back in the early 1980’s.

What type of work have you done on it?

Being that the car was homologated for the 1300 class, the engine, though very high performance for a 1300cc engine, isn’t really that fast. 

I built a vintage-specification 2000cc engine that was used in the Alfa race cars back in the early 70’s. It really hauls ass now!

Any fun facts about this car?

Being that these cars were homologated for racing, almost all of them were all hacked up and converted to race cars immediately upon delivery. What is really cool about this car is that it was never raced and kept in its road-going “stradale” (street) condition. As a result, it is very rare.

There are perhaps 50 or 60 of these cars in the world in this condition. The GTA is worth about $300K.

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