Tech Talk: 2018 Honda Accord Brake Install

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord continues to be one of the bestselling sedans in the country. Did you know it was also the first foreign vehicle to be manufactured in the US? It was first produced by the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio, in 1982. 

We recently did a Brake Install for a 2018 Honda Accord, replacing stock parts with our GEO-KIT 5000 Brake Kit.

Click the video to check out the install. 

We’ve simplified the confusing process of finding the right parts by developing a brake kit program designed to fit you or your customer’s needs. The GEO-KIT 5000 Brake Kit includes:

  • DFC GEOSPEC Coated Brake Rotors
  • DFC 5000 ADVANCED Brake Pads

Our GEOSPEC Coated Brake Rotors come in an eye-catching, silver-gray finish, are processed and shipped dry, and are ready to install right out of the box

The 5000 ADVANCED Brake Pads are specially formulated to maintain balanced braking and provide the correct friction performance, critical for vehicles with ABS.

Together, they are the perfect brake upgrade for the 2018 Honda Accord. 

DFC GEO-KIT 5000 Brake Kit

At DFC, we’re committed to providing the market with specially formulated friction products that meet the ever increasing requirements for all vehicles. 

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