Testimonial Tuesday: “Almost perfect right out the gate”

Testimonial Tuesday is back!

Today we’re catching up with Bryan from Ken’s Auto Center in San Diego, CA. 

Having received zero negative feedback, Bryan describes DFC brake pads as “almost perfect right out the gate.” Click the video below to watch his testimonial.

“Typically,” Bryan says, “your OEM pads are soft and they create a lot of dust. We notice with the DFC brake pads the dusting is significantly less…50% I would say.” 

Not only is there less dusting from our brake pads, they also have a short break-in period and are a proper fitment. 

“Having a brake pad that fits into that factory hardware with ease and at the same time remains solid in the clip and doesn’t move a lot,” shares Bryan, “is exactly what we like.”

DFC’s mission is to deliver quality and innovation by manufacturing OE quality brake products for all foreign and domestic vehicles.

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