Testimonial Tuesday: “This brake pad will avoid the comebacks”

Testimonial Tuesday is back and today we’re talking pads with Willie from AMTMOTORS in Los Angeles, CA.

Comebacks are great in sports, but not when it comes to brake pads.

So when a customer came back 2 weeks after a brake installation, Willie was concerned, “Ugh…here we go.”

Willie’s concerns were soon dispelled when the customer raved about his new pads…revealing he was there for service on a second vehicle.

From that moment on, when it comes to foreign cars like BMW, Mercedes, Mini or Jaguar, Willie trusts DFC 5000 EURO Ceramic Brake Pads to get the job doneHis key takeaways include: 

• “This brake pad will avoid the comebacks”
A great price point
Low dust
• Low noise

DFC 5000 EURO Pads

If you’ve got a luxurious European car with stock pads that make noise at low speed and dirty your wheels with brake dust, consider upgrading to DFC 5000 EURO Ceramic Brake Pads.

DFC currently offers 750 SKUs with coverage for 2300 European applications.

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