Testimonial Tuesday: Brian from BC MotorWorx installs DFC pads on a 2013 Ford Raptor

DFC Testimonial Tuesday

It’s Testimonial Tuesday and today we’re talking shop with Brian from BC MotorWorx in West Covina, CA.

To give it extra bite, Brian is installing DFC 5000 ADVANCED brake pads on a 2013 Ford Raptor. How do these pads perform? According to Brian, they provide: 

  • Impressive braking performance
  • Low dust
  • Low noise
  • Excellent OE fitment

Click the video below to get the rest of Brian’s testimonial.

The 5000 ADVANCED pads also perform well in other important areas. The graph below highlights performance across 12 important metrics, ranging from low noise and cleanliness, to pad and rotor life. 

Check it out below.

DFC 5000 ADVANCED brake pads include friction materials designed to meet the increasing demands of modern vehicles with ABS. 

This entire process requires dedicated work. Our research team partners with OEM friction suppliers in 4 continents to provide specially formulated products that meet exact requirements, whether for a family sedan, performance car, or truck.

DFC has taken all of this (and much more) into account and provides the appropriate friction for each axle of each and every vehicle.

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